Tuesday August 21 , 2018
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Welcome to "Sky-Eye"

Welcome To the "Sky-Eye" Movie Site

Lieutenant Hunt Known Here

To demonstrate the safety and stability that belongs to the modern plane, Saturday afternoon, and at other times later, Lieut. Russell J. Hunt, now of the Reserve Air Force, will do stunts on the wings and fuselage of one of the planes.
Lieutenant Hunt, well known to LaPorte people, as this was his home, was an Army flyer and since the war, took the leading part in one of the most spectacular movies ever filmed, “Sky-Eye” in which he transferred from a plane to a speeding express train, jumped from one plane to another in the air, and dropped by parachute 2000 feet to the ground.

Mr. Hunt will repeat some of these performances, climbing over the planes wings and fuselage. A few of the hair raising stunts will be performed over the city at 12:10 Saturday , and at 2:00 p.m. over the flying field South of Indiana avenue, more difficult ones will be featured, among them, hanging from the landing gear if permission can be secured. For Sunday and Monday, other events are planned, one of them being a parachute drop provided a parachute can be secured from the Speedway at Indianapolis. Altogether, it looks like a big week-end in the air. (probably from South Bend Paper in 1921)


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LT Hunt Cast Cast SGT Hunt
Gear Cast The Kiss Wing Walk
At Brooksfield Jenny Gunners Cast Climb up the wing
SGT at Kelly Field Boat Tail Riding Russell J. Hunt